Proven Technologist, Leader & Team Builder

Professional Experience

Sep 2020 - Present
NS1 - Engineering Manager, TechOps & Observability
Remote - San Jose, CA
Oct 2018 - Aug 2020
Google LLC - Site Reliability Engineering Manager
Sunnyvale, CA

At Google I was responsible for the reliability of Google Cloud Storage and its internal counterpart, Blobstore. The SRE team was sharded into Serving and Backend. As Backend SRE Manager I was primarily focused with storage health including internal dependencies, durability and data integrity. In addition, I joined at a time of major team reorganization and had to hire and onboard others while personally onboarding.

  • Participated in the team as a design reviewer, code reviewer and oncaller.
  • Hired and onboarded six Software Engineers.
  • Roadmapping with other SRE shard, Dev partners and Dependency orgs.
  • Created training forum for GCS (30 attendees, twice weekly).
  • Led SLO improvements across GCS, from processes to implementations.
  • Taught Production Storage at SRE EDU, a mandatory week of training for all new hire SREs across the entire company.
Apr 2015 - Sep 2018
eBay Inc - Senior Manager, Infra Arch & Search SRE
San Jose, CA

At eBay I wore many hats. I was the Infrastructure Architecture Manager, Search SRE Manager, and a member of the Virtual Architecture Team focused on Infrastructure. The Search Infrastructure alone accounted for the majority of eBay’s Data Center space.

  • Participated in the Infra Arch team as an IC, creating my own blueprints and partnering with internal teams to resolve problems without clear next steps.
  • Manager of 12 Engineers and Architects. Served as a Tech Lead within GTO (70 Engineers between San Jose and Shanghai).
  • Manager of the Search SRE Manager in Shanghai, China.
  • Led the Search team from a 54% automation change rate to 96%. This resulted in the reduction of $500K OpEx annually by removing the need for contractors. This also helped drive the service to 99.999% of availability for 2016, 2017 and 2018.
  • Reduced footprint by 200 racks of gear through more efficient hardware, saving OpEx via Data Center savings.
  • Found and reported a DoS vulnerability in the F5 GTM Appliance (K23022557).
  • Award: eBay Cultural Luminary - 2018
Sep 2014 - Apr 2015
eBay Advertising - Head of TechOps
Brisbane, CA
  • Manager of 12 professionals, Systems & Network Engineers + DBAs.
  • Worked with Product and Dev teams to create roadmaps for two business lines. This included effort, scoping and deliverables.
  • Developed TechOps Roadmap with my reports. Analyzed all infrastructure and identified our biggest threats to the business.
  • Led Holiday Readiness capacity adds. This included deep dives in 30 customer facing subsystems, 20 requiring capacity or architecture changes.
  • Reduced OpEx $300K annually by reducing duplication of external network services.
  • Created budget for 2015. YoY savings of $500K annually.
Jan 2014 - Sep 2014
eBay Advertising - DevOps Manager
Brisbane, CA
  • Manager of six Professionals, DevOps & NetEng.
  • Leadership role in 150 person BU which generates over $400 million a year.
  • Lead triage and incident management process. This reduced unplanned Ops work to less than 5% of our sprint and ensured we didn’t fail the same way more than once.
  • Reduced duplication of efforts with my Ops counterparts in various cross BU projects.
  • Designed and implemented reliable disaster recovery architecture.
  • Developed Infrastructure for cloud-based data pipelines.
Aug 2007 - Dec 2013
eBay Advertising - Lead Systems Engineer
Brisbane, CA
  • Led a team of 15 Operations professionals supporting a 24x7 production environment with 2,000 servers. This included 1700 Linux, 250 Windows and 50 Solaris hosts.
  • Provided architecture and design support on new apps and rewrites for every layer of our infrastructure. This includes Frontend, Images, Tracking and Import/Export of partner data.
  • Served as Commerce Lead on coast-to-coast data center migration. Migrated merchant ingestion system capable of 200 million SKU/hour and partner export system that generated custom feeds for over 1,000 partners with a 12-hour window.
  • Built network installer that bootstrapped 1,000 machines in a few hours for the data center migration. This utilized the native OS installer, CDPR, MySQL and PHP.
  • Led project to migrating our legacy connectivity to the Corporate eBay backbone. This reduced cost by $130K / year and had no service degradation.
  • Automated infrastructure management including a Github web-hook based DNS auto-update and syntax checking API using BIND, Apache and Perl.
Aug 2005 - Aug 2007
LIGO @ Caltech - Lead Systems Engineer
Pasadena, CA
  • Built and administered HPC cluster of 350 nodes with Condor scheduler.
  • Worked with Scientists to profile and optimize apps resulting in a 33% reduction in power and a 40% utilization reduction while keeping the same level of processing per day.
  • Built and managed Einstein@HOME mirror. This allowed us to augment our processing power by allowing anyone with our screensaver application to help us search for gravity waves.
  • Reworked Anaconda Installer to load a legacy Linux platform on unsupported hardware for ABI/API compatibility with existing cluster.
Jun 2003 - Aug 2005
JPL / NASA - Systems Engineer
Pasadena, CA
  • Created first space-to-web publishing system within NASA for the Mars Rovers website (Spirit and Opportunity).
  • Created and built multi-tenancy HA cluster for high traffic web sites - Mars Rovers, Deep Impact, Cassini, etc.
  • Built and Administered HPC Cluster for TES Instrument on Aura Spacecraft.
  • Wrote a BitTorrent wrapper to push large amounts of data to compute nodes. Our data pushes took four hours using BitTorrent and used to take seven days with the legacy scripts.
Sep 1999 - Feb 2002
SFUSD - Systems Administrator
San Francisco, CA
  • Managed technology training program for teaching staff.
  • Managed 1,500 workstations across six sites, including creation of standard images.
  • Managed two student techs per site on six different sites.